It was crazy, but it was fun! 😊

There's something special about meeting a family for the first time. Getting to know them and their kids in the small amount of time we have together, not knowing how the session will go or how the kids will behave. If we'll even get any great photos...

This was the case when I met Lexi, Belle, and their amazing parents. The kids were full of life and energy it was so hard to keep them still long enough for some photos. But, they're kids! That's what they're like! Who am I to stop them in their tracks to make things awkward and uncomfortable?! 😊

Lexie was sooooo into the photoshoot. She kept asking questions, kept wanting to stand here or stand there, do this and do that. Showing me her twirling and if I could get more photos of this and that!

Belle, on the other hand, this quiet, mischievous little thing! 😅 She had the cutest little trot and she'd do all these cute things but on her own, a few feet away from where we were. She was one tough cookie to keep.

And then, we bring in Luna. The girl's strong and cute bestie 🐶 How could we not include her in this crazy yet fun session that was happening all around her?!

I'm so so so thrilled at how this session ended up. Not going to lie, I left thinking "oh my, that was a bit crazy. But it was so much fun! I hope there's a good mix of images in there". As it turns out, it was a good problem to have because this gorgeous family ended up with "too many" good photos! 😄

Sometimes the simplest approach of "I'd like to have a beautiful family photo of everyone together looking and smiling" doesn't always end up the way you think. Sometimes, most times actually, there is more magic within the madness!

Photographed and written by Maegan


Family Session at UWA

Grace & Thomas ❤️

A special friend 🐶

Tikky, Ollie & Bear

For a good cause 🐶

Luca & Darcy

Winnie & her fur-siblings

Welcome to the world PJ.

Man's Best Friend 🐶

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