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Our underwater family photography is unique, fun and simply stunning. We will work with you to create the perfect session for your family, from the fun of bombies, a graceful maternity session to a whimsical scene or fine art masterpieces. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. 

Sessions are held in our heated private mineral therapy pool.

session options

Underwater portraits lend themselves to so many different genres.  Family, dance, maternity, creative. 
underwater family photography


The possibilities are limited only by our imagination with sessions being whimsical, fun or fine art.
Perfect for families that love crazy bombies and long afternoons in the pool
Add that extra grace and sparkle to a budding ballerina or dancer
Superhero's really can fly when they are underwater!


If you’re expecting, there is nothing like the experience of an underwater maternity session. Our warm heated therapy pool will have you relaxed and add an element of grace and beauty to your session that’s hard to match on land.
underwater maternity portraits in perth


We live and breathe family photography, so you don't have to. 
At Lilypad, we've created a simple 3-step process to beautiful family photos.

Step One: Lets chat

A quick chat is the easiest way to plan your session, and answer any questions you might have. Schedule a free consult at a time that suits you.

Step Two: Enjoy your session

We understand that being in front of a camera can feel awkward, that’s why we make it fun. Clients often say how fun and easy it actually is.

Step Three: Order your portraits

We keep this simple too, choose between an in person or zoom ordering session and we’ll help
you select the best images and artwork that fit your home perfectly.


what people are saying

" The underwater pregnancy shoot was SO much fun!!! We had used Lisa for our first son and when we found out she was doing underwater booked straight away. My husband and son loved doing it so much and we love showing our daughter that she was in my belly too! The photos are incredible!! "
"Lisa was very welcoming, warm, patient with my girls and created a fun and easy-going atmosphere for our photoshoot.

The pictures are delightful. Thank you"
" We were looking for something unique for our youngest.  We had a shoot done for our two older girls at the same age and wanted something different this time. A creative pool shoot was the perfect solution. Lisa is professional, unique and talented. Highly recommended"

underwater FAQS

Is the pool warm?
Absolutely! Lisa’s not a fan of cold water so you can be sure she’ll be cranking up the heater before your session 🙂
Can you do the sesion in my pool or at the beach?
Is your pool warm? Just kidding, well sort of, but yes it’s possible.

Keep we spend a crazy amount of time keeping our pool water as clear as possible. If we do shoot at your pool, it’s possible that the water quality combined with the light (direction of the sun) and water might mean images are quite as clear as you’d expect.

The same goes for the ocean, conditions need to be just right, but it can be magic.
How long is an underwater session?
Allow around an hour to an hour and half. But don't worry, we won't be shooting for all that time. More subjects will also take more time.
What's a mineral therapy pool?
Our pool water is treated with a specially formulated blend of minerals to soften and clarify the water.

We’ve certainly found the pool feels good and doesn’t react with our sensitive skin and eyes and there is none of that sticky feeling you often get after swimming.

As well as the minerals the pool is salt water chlorinated to maintain a clear and clean environment.
Where and when are the shoots?
Our private pool is in Melville.

To capture the right light in the pool, most sessions are held in the late afternoon on weekdays.

As the pool is outdoors, we are only able to shoot between September and May.
How well do you need to be able to swim?
The pool we shoot in is small, but it is deep and due to the nature of an underwater session, subjects need to be comfortable in the water. With the little ones who can’t swim yet, you will need to be right there with them. We will also have a safety spotter in the pool where necessary.

If you have the chance before coming it’s worthwhile getting whoever is being photographed used to being underwater and where possible without goggles.


Let’s capture your family in the 
magic of the underwater world

Go on, it's time to jump on in!

photos you will love forever

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