The Lilypad Story

Hi there!  I’m Lisa Ivandich - Photographer, chief memory maker, lover of good coffee, naps, and perfectly imperfect Mum of two hoomans and one furbaby!

I create photos you will LOVE and capture the unforgettable moments that tell your family's story, your way.

Because nothing fills my heart more than families sharing beautiful and meaningful moments and spending quality time together.

My goal is to simply create authentic moments where you’re relaxed, having fun and looking amazing . . . and then capture those memories.

Sure Lisa, that sounds all well and good, but have you met my crazy kids (or husband/pets/teenager/toddler)? Don’t worry. I’ve got you. I’m a mum of two myself and I get it and I’ve been photographing families for over 15 years and have a trick or two up my sleeve for getting a smile out of even the trickiest or most stubborn family members.

I am passionate about ensuring your family's story is documented with beautiful photographs that you will treasure now, and even more so years from now.

AND just as importantly I want to make sure YOU exist in your family's story too.

My love for photography goes back a long way. Mum was always the one with the camera in her hands, snapping photos of my sister, brother, and me as we grew up. First smiles. First steps. First birthdays. First days at school. Mum and her camera were always there. It wasn’t long before my love affair with photography began and we had two “happy snappers” in the house.

When I was 24, my Mum unexpectedly passed away.

Looking back through those treasured family photo albums, I realised that the great photos of her and I together were few and far between. One of us was always taking the photo.

What I wouldn’t give to change that.

While I can’t go back in time and take more photos of my Mum and myself, I can start with you and your family.

This is why I do what I do.

My mission is to ensure EVERY family in Perth has beautiful family photographs that document their life story as their family changes.

Families like yours.

Are you ready for family photos you LOVE?

Me to.

Let’s create amazing memories together.

Lisa xx

Meet the team

You’ve met me, but I couldn’t possibly do achieve my mission of photographing every family in Perth without an amazing team of likeminded family loving photographers that are just as passionate about my mission as me.

We are a family-driven business and every team member is like one of the family. Whether your photographed by me, Maegan, Tina or are speaking with Alinta, you’ll always get the Lilypad VIP treatment.

Because all our clients are like family to us.


Originally from Fiji, she brings some chilled island flair to the studio. She’s photographed newborns for several years now and we’re so happy she decided to make Perth her home.
Maegan is also a fancy-professional paddler and often spends her late afternoons on the ocean with her team. You’ll even find her there on some chilly winter mornings! And while it’s cold on the water, Maegan is as warm and friendly as they come!


At just over one, she’s still a tad too cheeky to spend much time in the studio. But when she does, Evie is our Chief Health, Wellness and Happiness Officer.
Evie is in charge of providing warm cuddles, wet kisses, and keeps us active with daily walkies. When allowed in the office, she can be found snoozing on Lisa’s feet like a pair of ugg-boots and providing humorous background noises


Let’s capture your family in the magic of the underwater world

Go on, it's time to jump on in!

photos you will love forever

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