We are looking for Perth’s cutest, craziest or sweetest dogs to help raise funds for a local dog rescue 

Calling all dog lovers in PERTH! 📢

Do you have a cuddly Cavoodle, lovable Labrador, kraaaazy Kelpie, a bed hogging border collie or any of the breeds and bitzers in between? 🐾 🐩 🐕

Lilypad Photography is EXCITED to launch our “Doggy Deck” Project that celebrates Perth’s doggy diversity and the love they share with us everyday! 🎉

Calling all dog lovers in PERTH! 📢

Do you have a cuddly Cavoodle, lovable Labrador, kraaaazy Kelpie, a bed hogging border collie or any of the breeds and bitzers in between? 🐾 🐩 🐕

Lilypad Photography is EXCITED to launch our “Doggy Deck” Project that celebrates Perth’s doggy diversity and the love they share with us everyday! 🎉

The “Doggy Deck” is a limited edition pack of 52 quality playing cards featuring a doggo on each card. 

We're searching for 52 of the most pawsitively pawsome dogs in Perth to become the stars of this project. And we need YOU and your fabulous fuzball to make it possible! 🌟

This is a tail-wagging opportunity for all breeds, shapes and sizes! 🐶❤️

If your puppy dog has one of those personalities that makes your heart melt and you haven’t had a professional pet portrait … register your interest TODAY! 📸🐾

Your "Doggy Deck" Session includes:

✅ A Pawsome Studio Pet Photography Session

✅ Your doggo featured in our limited edition "Doggy Deck

✅ $200 Credit towards our Digital Collections & Wall Art

✅ Discounted Pre-Order Pricing for your very own Doggy Deck

✅ All other hooman and furry family members most welcome!

The best part? Your session with Lilypad is completely COMPLEMENTARY, and your $50 Participation Fee will be fully donated to a local dog rescue charity, Dogs Behind Bars Rescue where every dollar will go towards helping dogs in need.


The Doggy Deck is now Full

We would still LOVE to photograph your Dog for you.  

Contact us now to talk about our current projects and offers :)
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What is the Lilypad DOGGY DECK Experience?

The Doggy Deck is a fun charity project with the aim of raising $3,000 for local dog rescue charities. Your $50 participation fee will be donated in full to a local charity, Dogs behind bars rescue.


Let’s chat – getting to know you and your doggo  better and to run through how the ins and outs of the how Doggy Deck works.


Our gorgeous Dog friendly studio in Myaree is the perfectly designed to capture your doggos unique personality Hooman family members are welcome to join in the fun.


We keep this simple too; choose between an in person or zoom ordering session and we’ll help
you choose what you love.


As a thank you for being a part of the doggy deck and helping us raise much needed funds, we’re giving you $200 towards any of our digital or print collections.


A premium custom designed deck of playing cards featuring 54 of Perths most adorable doggies.


Your participation is secured with a $50 fee that's donated entirely to a local Dog Rescue. 



Our inaugural Doggy Deck will be a dog lovers delight! Featuring a gorgeous collection of doggy portraits that capture their unique personalities.

Printed on premium quality card stock, ensuring durability and a smooth shuffle.

These cards will be a talking point as well as a source of fun for years!

Personalised ArtWORK KEEPSAKES

Unique to our ABC book sessions, we can create beautiful personalised custom artwork keepsakes with your baby's name, initials or collection of their favourite things using the images from your session.  


 Dogs Behind Bars Rescues unwanted and abandoned dogs and places them into foster care until their forever families are found. They are a Perth-based dog rescue with many years of experience in dog rescue.

They rescue dogs from city and country pounds, abandoned and abused dogs, dogs left in kennels and try to help with emergency dog care. Focusing on providing comprehensive vet care and quality homes that give the best care and love.

Several dogs in their care require urgent vet care, our donations will be put towards helping these dogs recover so they can find their forever family.

Meet the team


A photographer to the very heart. A Mum of two kids growing faster than weeds in her garden, her sole focus is to capture what you love about your family and create art that becomes a part of your home and your legacy. Your family. Forever.

What does that mean for you? It means you can relax. Lisa will capture images of your family you’ll love but best of all, you’ll have so much fun doing it.

It really is all about you!

Originally from Fiji, she brings some chilled island flair to the studio. She’s photographed newborns for several years now and we’re so happy she decided to make Perth her home.

Maegan is also a fancy-professional paddler and often spends her late afternoons on the ocean with her team. You’ll even find her there on some chilly winter mornings! And while it’s cold on the water, Maegan is as warm and friendly as they come!

At just over one, she’s still a tad too cheeky to spend much time in the studio. But when she does, Evie is our Chief Health, Wellness and Happiness Officer.

Evie is in charge of providing warm cuddles, wet kisses, and keeps us active with daily walkies. When allowed in the office, she can be found snoozing on Lisa’s feet like a pair of ugg-boots and providing humorous background noises.

This is what they've been saying

"Lisa was incredibly flexible and the photos are gorgeous! Getting three kids, a dog and two slightly frazzled parents to relax, have fun and look great doing it is a pretty amazing feat. Thank you Lisa!."
Lisa made us feel so welcome, we had a wonderful time capturing something magical, our two boys with their Bestie, Nismo the Miniture Schnauzer. I'm in love with our photo, couldn't be happier. We will be back for more family photo shoots.
Richard H
We were thrilled with the prints and digital photos. We had so much fun during our photoshoot with you. So lovely and, personable, professional and I recommend your meaningful service to all families and their pets
Philippa H


Spaces in our inaugural Doggy Deck are limited, there's only so many cards in a pack!


How much will it cost me?
$50. This will be donated in full to the Dogs Behind Bars Rescue.  
What do I get?
The opportunity to be photographed by an award-winning photography studio.  Your dog featured in the Doggy Deck PLUS a $200 voucher to put towards our print and digital collections.
Where are the sessions?
Sessions are held in our gorgeous Myaree studio.  We have a lovely mix of casual, boho and classic settings.
When can I do the shoot?
Shoots are held on weekdays and selected weekends (Additional $50 weekend fee). 
Can my whole family be involved?
Absolutely, we are a family and pet studio and we encourage you to bring the whole family along to make the most of the session. 
Can we purchase photos?
Yes, of course! A week or two after your session, you will be invited back to the studio to view the images. There is absolutely no obligation to buy; choose only what you love. There’s a guide to our favourite products & prices on our website!
Will my dog definitley be in the deck?
Every dog photographed will be included in the doggy deck. To keep the design consistent and balanced, we will choose the image. However, rest assured we will be picking our absolute favourite! 
When will the Deck be ready for purchae and how much will it cost?
We hope to have the Doggy Deck printed by around April/May 2023. However, this will depend on how quickly we can fill the places and complete the sessions.   We expect the final cost to be around $29 per deck of cards.