Top 29 Creative & Fun Baby Shower Ideas to Celebrate Your Pregnancy

Hey mama-to-be! So, you're getting ready to celebrate your new little bundle of joy, and you're thinking about your baby shower. And, like most expectant parents, it can be hard to think past the traditional baby shower ideas: blue for boys, pink for girls, or generic "baby" themes like rattles, dummies, or storks. 

But let's be real, you're not like most expectant parents, are you? You're unique, your baby is unique, and you want your baby shower to reflect that. You're looking for something special, something that sets your shower apart and makes it truly unforgettable. 

And that's exactly what we're here to help you with! 

This blog will explore 29 of the most creative and unique baby shower theme ideas out there, so you can find the perfect one for you and your little one."

Our Top 29 Baby Shower Ideas

1. "Under the Sea", An underwater-themed baby shower

This theme is not only a playful and whimsical baby shower idea, but it's also perfect for all you ocean lovers out there.

Think about all the beautiful and vibrant elements of the ocean: colourful fish, shells, seaweed, and even a mermaid or two! 

You can decorate the room with blue and green streamers, hang fish from the ceiling, and use shells in your table settings.

For food, you can serve "under the sea" themed treats, like blue jelly "waves" and "seaweed" salad. 

The games and activities can also be ocean-themed, such as a "Name That Fish" trivia game, a "Seahorse Race," or even a "Mermaid Tails" craft station.

2. "Wild Things" - Jungle or animal-themed baby shower

Embrace your wild side with a "Wild Things" theme. This baby shower idea is perfect for animal lovers and anyone who loves a touch of adventure.

Lions, zebras, monkeys, and more! Decorate the room with animal print balloons and banners, use stuffed animals as part of your table settings, and even have a jungle-themed photo booth for guests to take pictures.

For food, you can serve "wild" treats like "monkey" bread and "lion's mane" fruit platter. The games and activities can also be animal-themed, such as a "Name That Animal" trivia game, a "Jungle Safari" scavenger hunt, or even a "Wild Animal Calls" contest.

3. Bumble Bee Buzz" - Jungle or animal-themed baby shower

Buzz, buzz! This baby shower idea is perfect for those who love nature, gardens, and all things sweet.

Honeycomb patterns, flowers, and, of course, bees! Decorate the room with yellow and black streamers, use flower arrangements as part of your table settings, and have a beehive-shaped cake as the centrepiece.

Serve "honey" flavoured treats like "bee" shaped cookies and "honeycomb" cereal treats. The games and activities can also be bee-themed, such as a "Name That Flower" trivia game, a "Buzzing Bee" relay race, or even a "Honey Pot" hunt.

4. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" - A star & night time themed baby shower

A baby shower idea that's perfect for Mums who love the stars and the night sky magic.

Stars, moon, and constellations! Decorate the room with starry lights, use star-shaped confetti as part of your table settings, and have a moon-shaped cake as the centrepiece.

Serve "star" shaped treats like "shooting star" fruit skewers and "constellation" cookies. The games and activities can also be star-themed, such as a "Name That Constellation" trivia game, a "Starry Night" painting activity, or even a "Wishing Upon a Star" jar for guests to write down their well-wishes for the new baby.

5. "Up and Away" Hot Air Balloon

A fun baby shower idea for anyone who loves adventure and exploring new heights.

Baskets, balloons, clouds and the sky! Decorate the room with balloon garlands and paper hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling, use a basket-shaped centrepiece for your food table, and have a hot air balloon-shaped cake.

Serve "sky-high" treats like "balloon" shaped sandwiches and a "basket" of fruit. Play baby shower games such as a "Name That Destination" trivia game, a "Hot Air Balloon" pinata, or even have an "Up and Away" photo booth for guests to take pictures.

6. "Dream Big Little One" Baby Shower Theme

Reach for the stars with a "Dream Big Little One" baby shower idea, and encourage the new baby to dream big.

Stars: clouds, stars, and dream catchers! Decorate the room with fluffy cloud decorations and dream catcher centrepieces, use star-shaped confetti as part of your table settings, and have a dreamy cloud-shaped cake.

Serve "dreamy" treats like "star" shaped cookies and "cloud" shaped meringues. The games and activities can also be dream-themed, such as a "Name That Dream Job" trivia game, a "Dream Big" wish jar for guests to write down their well-wishes for the new baby, or even a "Cloud" matching game.

7. "Once Upon a Time" Fairytale" Baby Shower Theme

If you love magical stories and happily ever afters, enter a world of fairytales with a "Once Upon a Time" Fairytale is a great baby shower idea. 

Castles, princesses, and enchanted forests! Decorate with castle backdrops and fairy tale props, use a tiara-shaped centrepiece for your food table, and have an enchanted forest cake.

Serve "fairy tale" treats like "princess" shaped sandwiches and an "enchanted forest" fruit platter. The games and activities can also be fairytale-themed, such as a "Guess the Fairytale" trivia game, a "Once Upon a Time" storytelling corner where guests can share their favourite fairytales or even a "Castle" building activity with cardboard boxes.

8. "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" (Dr. Seuss)

A perfect baby shower idea for Mums and Dads who love the whimsical stories and bright illustrations of Dr Seuss.

Bright colours, quirky characters, and silly rhymes! Decorate the room with colourful backdrops and Seussian props. Have a cake shaped like the famous "Cat in the Hat" hat as the dessert, and serve "Seussian" treats like "Thing 1 and Thing 2" cupcakes.

You can have a "Name That Seuss Character" trivia game or a "Whimsical Word Matching" game for games and activities.

9. "Tea for Two" - Baby Shower Theme

A sophisticated and sweet baby shower idea. This theme is perfect for anyone who loves a good cup of tea and all the lovely things that come with it.

Delicate tea cups, saucers, floral arrangements, and yummy tea-time treats! Decorate the room with elegant tablecloths and vintage tea sets, serve sweet treats like scones with clotted cream and jam, and have a stunning floral arrangement as the centrepiece.

For games and activities, you can have a "Name That Tea" trivia game, a "Tea Tasting" corner where guests can sample different teas, or even a "Teapot Decorating" activity.

10. "Enchanted Garden" - Baby Shower Theme

A magical and lush "Enchanted Garden" baby shower is perfect for anyone who loves the beauty and serenity of nature. 

Colourful blooms, chirping birds, and verdant greenery! Decorate the room with flower arrangements, have a gorgeous butterfly or bird-themed cake, and serve refreshments like lemonade in mason jars with fresh herbs.

For games and activities, you can have a "Name That Flower" trivia game, a "Garden Craft" corner where guests can create their own miniature enchanted garden, or even a "Butterfly Catcher" game.

11. "A Touch of Gold" - Baby Shower Theme

Shine bright with a "Touch of Gold" baby shower idea. This theme is perfect for pregnant mums who love elegance and glamour.

Sparkling decor, luxurious foods, and touches of gold everywhere! Decorate the room with shimmering balloons, have a beautiful gold-flecked cake, and serve drinks like champagne with edible gold leaf.

For games and activities, you can have a "Name That Golden Icon" trivia game, a "Gold Leaf Decorating" corner where guests can decorate picture frames or other keepsakes, or even a "Scavenger Hunt" where guests have to find hidden gold accents throughout the party.

12. "Boho Beauty" - Bohemian-inspired baby shower idea

Bring the bohemian vibe to your baby shower and celebrate the new arrival in a laid-back, eclectic, and stylish way.

First things first, start with the decorations! Think of natural elements like dream catchers, potted plants, and colourful tapestries. Create a cozy lounge area with floor pillows, and don't forget to add some lanterns or string lights for a warm ambience.

Serve fresh fruits, veggies, exotic salads, and refreshing herbal teas. A naked cake with fresh flowers and edible gold accents will fit perfectly with the theme.

You can have a "Boho-Chic Nappy Fashion Show," where guests get to dress up nappies in their best boho-inspired outfits, or a "Boho-Beauty Station" where guests can get their temporary henna tattoos.

13. "Garden Glam" - A sophisticated garden party vibe baby shower

Bring the beauty of the garden indoors with this "Garden Glam" baby shower idea! This sophisticated and stylish theme is perfect for a chic celebration of your new arrival.

Think lush greenery, pretty blooms, and elegant details like gold accents and candlelight. Create a lush garden feel with potted plants, floral arrangements, and even a flower wall as the backdrop for your event.

Opt for light and refreshing options, such as a fruit salad bar, a vegetable crudité platter, and a signature cocktail made with fresh herbs and citrus. And, of course, the cake should be a showstopper, so choose a beautiful cake decorated with beautiful flowers and foliage.

You could have a "Plant a Seed" station where guests can plant their own herbs or flowers to take home, or a "Fashionable Flower Crown" competition where guests get to create their own stunning headpieces.

14. "A Baby is Brewing" Coffee-themed baby shower

This unique and stylish baby shower idea is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a new little coffee lover.

Set the stage with a coffee bar with different blends, syrups, and toppings. You can even have a barista on hand to whip up lattes and cappuccinos for your guests.

Decor can be inspired by the warmth and richness of coffee, so think warm colours, natural wood accents, and maybe even a few coffee-related props like coffee beans, coffee mugs, and coffee pots. And don't forget to serve plenty of delicious treats, like coffee-infused desserts, mocha cupcakes, and tiramisu.

For activities, you could have a coffee-themed trivia game or a coffee-making competition, where guests can get creative and make their own unique blends. You can even have a station for guests to create their own coffee-scented candles, which they can take home as a keepsake from the shower.

15. "Wildflower Wonder" - Rustic and bohemian inspired

Embrace the beauty of nature with a "Wildflower Wonder" rustic and bohemian-inspired baby shower idea! This theme is perfect for those who love a touch of whimsy and a hint of the great outdoors.

Start by setting the stage with a wildflower wonderland, with lots of greenery, wildflowers, and maybe even a few boho-chic accents like dream catchers, lanterns, and tapestries. You can even have guests create their own flower crowns or tie-dye station.

Serve up light, refreshing foods, like fruit platters, salads, and sandwiches, as well as some sweet treats, like boho-inspired cupcakes and macarons. And don't forget to have a signature cocktail or mocktail incorporating wildflowers or fresh fruit!

As for activities, you could have a flower-arranging station, a craft table for guests to make their own wildflower-inspired keepsakes or a photo booth with wildflower props and backdrops.

16. "Midnight Garden" - Dark florals and foliage

This dark floral and foliage-inspired baby shower idea is perfect for those who want a sophisticated and mysterious touch to their baby shower.

Set the stage with a midnight garden oasis. Decorate with dark florals and foliage, moody lighting, and maybe even a few statement pieces like black candles or a velvet lounge area.

For the menu, you can serve elegant and sophisticated foods, like charcuterie boards, gourmet cheeses, and mini desserts, all with a dark floral twist. And don't forget to have a signature cocktail or mocktail incorporating dark florals or fresh fruit!

As for activities, you could have a flower-arranging station with dark florals and foliage, a craft table for guests to make their own midnight garden-inspired keepsakes or a photo booth with props and backdrops to match the theme.

17. "Stellar Celebration" - A space-themed baby shower

Are you ready for an out-of-this-world baby shower idea? This theme is not only stylish and unique but perfect for those who love all things out-of-this-world and want a baby shower that's both fun and unique.

Start by transforming your venue into a spaceship. Decorate with space-themed items such as planets, stars, and even a rocket ship! Have guests enter through a "blast off" door with smoke and a countdown.

For the menu, you can serve some fun and space-themed treats such as moon pies, astronauts' ice cream, and space-themed drinks. And don't forget to set up a photo booth with space-themed props and backgrounds!

The games and activities can also be space-themed, such as a "Name That Planet" trivia game, a "Rocket Launch" relay race, or even a "Spacecraft Design" competition.

18. "Butterflies and Blossoms" - A spring and summer-themed baby shower idea

Celebrate the new arrival with a whimsical and enchanting "Butterflies and Blossoms" baby shower! This theme is perfect for a spring or summer baby shower and will create a magical atmosphere for you and your guests.

Decorate your venue with an array of pastel-coloured flowers and butterfly decorations. Hang paper butterflies from the ceiling, create a butterfly garland, and scatter flower petals around the room.

Serve some delicate and floral-inspired treats such as butterfly-shaped sandwiches, cherry blossom cupcakes, and flower-infused drinks. And a photo booth area set up with butterfly wings and flower props!

You could have a butterfly-themed craft table where guests can create their own paper butterflies, a butterfly release ceremony, or even a butterfly identification game.

19. "Unicorns and Rainbows" - A colourful and magical baby shower idea.

This whimsical and dreamy theme is perfect for a baby girl and is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

Decorate your venue with an array of pastel colours, balloons, and plenty of unicorns and rainbows! Create a rainbow backdrop, hang colourful paper lanterns, and scatter glitter everywhere.

Serve sweet and playful treats such as unicorn cupcakes, rainbow fruit skewers, and unicorn-inspired drinks. And have a photo booth area with unicorn horns and rainbow props!

You could have a unicorn-themed craft table where guests can create their own unicorn headbands, decorate unicorn cookie cutouts, or even a unicorn piñata filled with sweet treats.

20. "Pampered Little Princess" Spa Day Baby shower theme

A "Pampered Little Princess" spa day baby shower is a beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of the new little one and show the mum-to-be some much-deserved love and pampering. 

Send out cute and girly spa-themed invitations that include all the details about the day's activities and the time, date, and location of the shower.

Transform your venue into a spa oasis with light and airy decor, soothing scents, and plenty of candles and soft lighting. Think of pastel colours, fluffy towels, and plush bathrobes to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Serve up a variety of spa-inspired treats, like herbal teas, fruit-infused water, and light bites that are both delicious and healthy.

Offer a range of pampering services for the guests to enjoy. You could set up nail stations for mini manicures, have massage therapists on hand for hand massages, and offer facials, body scrubs, and other spa treatments. 

Send your guests home with a little pampering kit to continue the spa experience at home. Think bath bombs, hand cream, or aromatherapy candles.

21. "Pretty in Pink" Baby Shower theme

If you're looking for a fun and stylish way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your baby girl, a "pretty in pink" baby shower is the perfect theme! This sweet and feminine theme celebrates all things pink and girly. 

Fill the room with beautiful pink flowers, balloons, and streamers. Consider adding some whimsical touches like fluffy pink tutus and sparkly fairy lights. You could also use pink tablecloths, runners, and napkins to set the tone.

Serve up light and refreshing snacks and drinks in shades of pink. Think pink lemonade, strawberries, and raspberry sorbet. You could also opt for a high tea-style setup with delicate sandwiches, scones, and pastries.

Organize fun and girly games like a "guess the baby food" or "design a onesie" competition. You could also set up a photo booth with a variety of props and backdrops in shades of pink.

Treat your guests to a sweet treat like pink macarons, mini bottles of pink nail polish or a sachet of pink bath salts.

22. "Lullabies and Lavender" Baby Shower Theme

A "Lullabies and Lavender" baby shower is a great way to welcome a new baby into the world in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. 

Decorate with lavender tablecloths, surrounded by soft lighting and plenty of fresh flowers.

You could provide a DIY essential oil station where guests can create their own custom blends. You could also have a live singer or play soft lullabies to set the mood. 

Serving light and healthy snacks such as fruit platters and herbal teas. Have a lavender-flavoured cake or a beautifully decorated buttercream cake with pastel colours and perhaps some edible flowers.

To add a special touch, consider providing each guest with a lavender-scented candle or a sachet filled with dried lavender as a thank-you for attending the shower. 

23. "Little Man Cave" themed baby shower idea

An unforgettable baby shower idea for the soon-to-be dad and his little man.

To set the scene, imagine a cozy and stylish man cave filled with all dad's favourite things. Start by choosing a colour scheme of classic blues, greys, and blacks, incorporating leather, wood, and sports memorabilia.

Hang vintage signs and posters, and set up a bar area with a selection of dad's favourite beers and spirits. Provide comfortable seating options like leather armchairs and sofas, and add playful touches with pool and ping pong tables or arcade games.

For the food, think classic comfort food like burgers, hot dogs, and fries. Serve them with various toppings and condiments, and don't forget the snacks! Bags of chips, pretzels, and other munchies are perfect for this theme.

Make sure to also incorporate activities for dad and his friends, like a friendly game of poker or darts

24. "Ahoy Matey!" A Nautical-Themed Baby Shower Idea

A Nautical theme is a perfect way to welcome your little sailor into the world. 

Create an inviting atmosphere with a navy blue, white, and red colour scheme. Decorate with anchor-themed decor and nautical flags, and you can add a touch of gold for a pop of luxury.

Next, set the stage for your shower with a fun nautical photo booth with props such as captain hats and binoculars. Have guests snap pictures to commemorate the special day.

Serve up classic nautical-inspired foods such as prawn cocktails, crayfish rolls, and crab cakes. And don't forget to have a signature cocktail or mocktail, like a "Sailor's Sunset" or "Captain's Peach Punch".

For the games, incorporate a nautical twist by having a "message in a bottle" scavenger hunt or a "life preserver" relay race. Guests will love participating in the fun, interactive games.

Lastly, let your guests take home a personalized anchor-themed keychain or a monogrammed ship wheel bottle opener are both great options that guests will love.

25. "Racing to the Finish Line" - Cars and racing theme baby shower idea.

A perfect baby shower idea for parents-to-be who are car enthusiasts or families with a little speedster on the way. 

Serve classic dishes like burgers and hot dogs, or go for something more high-octane, like energy drinks and sports drinks. You can also create a DIY fizzy drink bar or set up a hot chocolate station.

Use a colour scheme inspired by racing flags such as red, blue, yellow and green. You can also use checkered flags as table runners and centrepieces. If you're feeling creative, you can create your own mini race track using painter's tape.

Setting up a car-themed photo booth where guests can take pictures with racing helmets, steering wheels, and other props. You can also have a pinewood derby race or a soapbox derby race.

Finally, give guests race-themed party favours like miniature racing cars, and key chains.

26. "Gone Fishin'" - Fishing-themed baby shower, with a focus on catching the baby

This baby shower theme focuses on all things fishing, with a playful twist of "catching the baby". 

Start by setting the scene with decorations that capture the essence of a day out fishing. String up fishing nets, hang up some fishing lures, and place some artificial fish on the tables to create a fishing atmosphere. You can even place a small kiddie pool in the centre of the room to resemble a lake.

Have a variety of "catch of the day" items such as shrimp cocktails, crab cakes, and sushi rolls. Have guests participate in a fishing game, where they can "catch" prizes or little treats

27. "Dino-mite!" - Dinosaur-themed"Dino-mite!" - Dinosaur-themed

If you're a fan of prehistoric creatures and want to celebrate the arrival of your little one in a unique and exciting way, then why not host a "Dino-mite!" baby shower? This dinosaur-themed baby shower is perfect for the little adventurer in your life!

Create a fun and playful atmosphere with decorations like green balloons, dinosaur figurines, and "Jurassic Park"-inspired posters. You could also use a colour scheme of green and brown to tie everything together.

Serve fun and tasty food items like dinosaur-shaped sandwiches, "fossil" fruit platters, and "Volcanic Punch." 

Have fun games and activities to keep guests entertained, like a dinosaur egg hunt, a "Name That Dinosaur" trivia game, and even a "Dino Dig" station where guests can play with sand and toy dinosaurs.

28. "Construction Zone" - Construction worker or building-themed baby shower

This fun and unique baby shower idea is perfect for parents with a passion for all things construction or those who simply love the idea of creating and building something new.

Send out invites that look like construction signs or that feature cute construction illustrations.

Use yellow caution tape to line the walls, add some mini traffic cones, and decorate the tables with tool-shaped lollies and toy vehicles.

Serve hearty food like burgers, hot dogs, and potato salad.

Play "Name that Tool" where guests have to guess the names of different tools, or "Design Your Dream Nursery" where guests have to use play-doh to create their ideal baby's room.

29. "Teddy Bears and Bow Ties" - A cute and trendy bear-themed baby shower idea

A fun and stylish way to welcome a new baby! 

Choose a colour scheme incorporating soft, warm colours like pink, blue, or neutral shades. Decorate the space with teddy bear decorations, balloons, and a cute teddy bear cake as the centrepiece. 

You can also incorporate a "bow-tie" theme by having guests dress up in their best bow-ties or by incorporating bow ties into the decor.

Serving a light brunch spread with treats like scones, mini quiches, and fruit skewers. You can also set up a hot tea or coffee bar for guests to enjoy. 

Have guests participate in a teddy bear-themed baby shower game, like a "guess the teddy bear's name" contest, or dress the teddy bear. You can also set up a teddy bear-themed photo booth for guests to take cute photos with teddy bears.

What theme will you choose & a great baby shower gift idea.

A baby shower is a special way to celebrate the impending arrival of a new life and share your joy with friends and family. From classic themes like "Pretty in Pink" and "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" to unique ideas like "Dino-mite!" and "Gone Fishin'", there's a theme for every style and personality. The most important thing is to choose a theme that reflects you and your family. With these 29 fun and unique baby shower theme ideas, you'll be sure to have a memorable and enjoyable baby shower.

And while we're on the subject of baby showers, if beautiful maternity and newborn photos are also on your must-have list (and we think they should be) talk to us or contact us via facebook about setting up a baby shower registry, where guests and loved ones can contribute to your portraits. The most memorable gift you'll ever receive.


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