Perth’s most unique portraits in perths most unique portrait studio!

Lilypad Underwater for Babies, families, pets or maternity.  

Fun, simple or a fine art masterpeice!

Underwater portrait Sessions

Our underwater portrait sessions are unique, fun and simply stunning. We will work with you to create the perfect session for your family, from the fun of bombies, a graceful maternity session to a whimsical scene or fine art masterpieces. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Sessions are held in our heated private mineral therapy pool. Your session will be custom designed and styled and will capture the magic of the underwater world.

  • Session fee | $200 for weekdays and $200 for weekends.
  • Weekdays and weekends
  • Private heated mineral therapy pool
  • Sessions roughly 90 minutes long
  • Full use of studio dresses, gowns, props and drapes

Prints and digital files are not included with your session fee. Payments by cash, direct deposit, or credit card.  Payment plans are available. 

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Frequently asked questions about lilypad underwater . . .

Is the pool warm?
Yes!  The pool is heated to lovely and comfortable swimming temperature.
What is a mineral therapy pool?

This simply means we treat the water with minerals to soften the water.  The product packaging tells us the benefits are:

  • Specially formulated blend of minerals soften and luxuriate in your pool and spa
  • Anti-stress mechanism to help relax and soothe your mind
  • Swim for healthier skin, hair and eyes

We’ve certainly found the pool feels good and doesn’t react with our sensitive skin and eyes and there is none of that sticky feeling you often get after swimming.

As well as the minerals the pool is salt water chlorinated to maintain a clear and clean environment.

Do I need to bring my own clothes?
We have a selection of gowns and drapes for maternity sessions and are starting to build a collection of skirts, tutus and outfits etc for kids.  When you book we will discuss the look and feel you are after and work out a list of what you need bring along with you.
How well do you need to be able to swim

The pool we shoot in is small, but it is deep and due to the nature of an underwater session, subjects need to be comfortable in the water.  With the little ones who can’t swim yet, you will always be right there with them. We will also have a safety spotter in the pool where necessary.

If you have the chance before coming it’s worthwhile getting whoever is being photographed used to being underwater and where possible without goggles.  We do have a small collection of clear glass goggles for the very insistent model 🙂

How long will the session take?
It depends on what you are looking for.  Unlike on land, you can expect it to take 3 or 4 takes at least of each style of shot to get the winner.  It takes everyone a few goes to get it right underwater, even the superfish!  As such allow at least an hour for your session.  It might be done in a 30 minutes, it might take longer.  More subjects will also take more time.
Can you do the session in my pool or at the beach?

Is your pool warm?  Just kidding, well sort of, but hey it’s possible.  We spend a crazy amount of time keeping our pool water as clear as possible, it’s unbelievable how even the clearest looking water is actually full of tiny particles that have a big impact on underwater photos. And this is a big factor in the resulting images.  So if we do shoot at your pool, it’s possible that the light (direction of the sun) and water might mean images aren’t quite as clear as you’d expect.  Let’s chat about what you’re looking for and see if it can work.

The same goes for the ocean, conditions need to be bang on perfect, so if you’re flexible and open to a few reschedules, it could work.

“Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the STUNNING photos which arrived earlier in the week. They are too gorgeous for words and we can’t stop looking at them!  They are perfect.  Thanks again Lisa and I hope we’ll see you again in the future.”  Sue

 Want to know more about how it works?


We’ll chat. Simple. Cookie-cutter sessions won’t work. The sessions are designed to reflect you and your family. Prior to your session, we’ll chat about ideas. Yours. Mine. Locations. Activities. And the people you love. As a professional photographer, I can plan everything for you, with your input. Or, you can tell me exactly what you want.  We’ll talk about locations, outfits and what to bring & expect on the day.  I’ll explain exactly what you need to do to prepare. A photography session shouldn’t be a chore. It shouldn’t be a hassle. It should be fun & memorable.

The session experience

Your session might be fun and adventurous. Or quiet and reflective. Or even a little (or a lot) bit crazy. It should reflect you and your children. We’ll work together to capture real moments that show your family as they really are. Beautiful. Messy. Silly. Contemplative. Every child is unique. And so is your session. Your session has a plan, but your children, location, and weather take the lead. The day may unfold in ways we didn’t consider…and that can lead to magic. Your children will be encouraged to run, laugh, sing, dance, blow bubbles, tickle. To be the kids that they are. Bring along special items – a cherished stuffed animal, a favourite toy, anything! – to help tell the story of your family. There’s no pressure to sit quietly with a fake smile. Those amazing photos that capture a child’s personality – gorgeous smiles, bright eyes – are always achieved through play and natural interaction. That’s what we’ll do. The result? Stunning images that tell the story of your family and what you mean to each other. Your Family. Forever.


In two to three weeks time, your images will be ready. For the signature and newborn sessions, we’ll schedule a design and ordering consultation, at your convenience, for you to consider your options. You’ll be able to see your images in finished sizes, try different combinations and layouts, examine framing and presentation choices. Everything you need to decide how best to present the photos. A full slideshow will be available online a few days before this session, allowing you to view and review each image in preparation for your consultation. Each image can further be uploaded to a private and secure online cart for seven days, allowing friends and family to view and order their own prints. For your simplicity session, you can also opt for an ordering consultation, or the online cart. No matter which session you choose, or how you want to purchase, there will never be any high pressure sales tactics at work. You buy only want you want, and how you want it. My goal is your total satisfaction. Beautiful photos that truly reflect your family. Only the prints and presentation that you want. If you feel comfortable recommending me to your friends and family, and if you return when you’re ready for new portraits, then I’ve done my job.

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