Lilypad’s Crazy


$50 Offer!

Lilypad Photography has left the building!

(And it’s time to go crazy with an amazing $50 offer!)


Yes, that’s right!

But first, here’s the story.

After 14 years, Lilypad photography has moved out of the family home and into a shiny new studio.

The resident tween and teenager are bursting with excitement and quicker than they inhaled their Caramilk Easter eggs, the old home studio has miraculously transformed into a teen retreat/cinema room.

It’s a pity the excitement didn’t extend to their bedrooms.

But I digress…

Just like a fledgling adult who’s flown the coop, I’ve had many bleary-eyed mornings and lots of late nights at the new digs.

Am I partying? 

Well, if you consider painting walls, laying floors, studying colour charts, crying over flat-pack furniture and late-night styling sessions partying, then…hell yes!

I am the epitome of a party animal.

But it’s such an exciting time for me and it’s a dream I’ve chased for years. 

Some say I’m crazy. There’s a global pandemic, right?

It’s like a bad remake of The Karate Kid.

Mask on, mask off, mask on, mask off.

But here I am, mask off, studio looking fabulous and I’m ready to PARTY like it’s 2019!


And you, my friends, get the gifts. 

Maybe the excitement has gone to my head? Maybe I hyperventilated wearing a mask?

But here it is.

My shiny limited offer to celebrate the opening of Lilypad’s sparkling new studio. 

Hold onto your pants people, it’s a cracker!



ONLY $50!


This crazy offer is for a limited time for a select number of families.

For $50 you, your family or your newborn baby can have a photography session in Lilypad’s shiny new studio AND receive a framed 8×10-inch print with matching digital file.


But wait, there’s more!

The $50 offer also includes:

  • A welcome pack loaded with information on styling, clothing choice and what to bring for your studio session.
  • A personalised pre-session planning call so we can plan the perfect photography session for your family.
  • A guaranteed fun and enjoyable portrait session for the whole family. Even the dads, dogs, and kids have fun!
  • A selection of our favourite images in your own personalised app to share with family and friends.
  • A cinematic design and purchasing appointment. Immediately after your session or as soon as convenient, join us in our new movie room for the premiere screening of your family photos. You’ll feel like rock stars!  And we’ll create beautiful custom artwork starring the most important people. You and your family.

Your family, beautifully captured in photographs you will LOVE forever.

√ The Portrait Shoot

A guaranteed fun and enjoyable portrait session for the whole family. Even the dads, dogs, and kids have fun!

√ Framed 8x10" art print

Your chosen image as an 8×10″ art print, in a raw timber, black or white box frame, with matching digital file.

Or, swap for a $250 credit towards your order.

√ shareable highlights

A selection of our favourite images from your session in your own personal app to share and keep forever.

Available for studio sessions up until July 31st, 2021.

Your $50 booking fee will be credited back to you at your design and purchasing appointment towards your portrait order.

Okay, so what’s the catch?

Well, all you need to do is let us show other Perth families your gorgeous photos taken in our shiny new studio.

We’ll use your fabulous photographs, and ask for a testimonial so we can promote our studio.

That’s all folks!

For the past 14 years, Lilypad has mostly photographed families outdoors.

But now we have this fabulous new studio, we cannot wait to play inside!

This means that we will ask you for a testimonial and permission to use a selection of the photos we capture to promote our studio.

Our goal for these sessions is to: 

  • Create a collection of beautiful images in our new studio to use on our website, social media and in our marketing material.
  • Increase our studio and newborn photography sessions so we can showcase and share our gorgeous studio space.

Which brings me back to this $50 offer.

So crazy I’m limiting the offer to the first:

  • 5 4 expectant mums
  • 15 7 newborn babies due between now and July 15th (and their families)
  • 10  8 babies aged between 5 and 10 months (and their families)
  • 10  2 families with kids and/or fur babies of any age,

available for those who book a studio session for May, June or July.

About the portrait experience at Lilypad’s new studio

Okay, prepare to have lots of fun! 

Seriously, just ask any of our clients. Yep, even the dads and kids have a blast. And we all know what a tough crowd they are, don’t we?

“Thank you Lisa. You managed to capture the heart of our family, which is no mean feat with two teenage sons.
We cannot recommend Lisa more highly, the whole experience was fun and relaxed. While managing to capture some very beautiful and very loving family memories.
Lisa is an incredibly talented photographer, who is patient and kind, and easily puts your mind at rest, while she does her magic.” Samantha

“Lisa made us all feel at ease even though the session had the potential to be chaotic with a 7 year old and 2 loud miniature schnauzers! The photos were beautiful and she guided us expertly as to the best products to choose for our needs. Definitely recommended!” Lin-Ann

“Lisa was fantastic, made having our pics taken so easy, half the time we were just messing around and she managed to get some awesome shots. Lisa has plenty of ideas of how to make the shot happen and make everyone relaxed and natural. So so happy with our photos. Thank you so much Lisa you did a fantastic job, I am absolutely stoked with the photos that you took.” Michelle 

Meet The Lilypad Team

For years it was just me, Lisa, chief photographer, child wrangler, dog lover and baby cuddler.

But now we have Maegan!

She’s now a permanent photographer (aka baby whisperer) and is keen to ditch all her admin duties to fill her days cuddling and photographing newborns.

I mean, who wouldn’t prefer babies over bookwork?

So, we’re keen to get cracking.


A photographer to the very heart. A Mum of two kids growing faster than weeds in her garden, her sole focus is to capture what you love about your family and create art that becomes a part of your home and your legacy. Your family. Forever.

What does that mean for you? It means you can relax. Lisa will capture images of your family you’ll love but best of all, you’ll have so much fun doing it.

It really is all about you!

Maegan. Originally from Fiji, she brings some chilled island flair to the studio. She’s photographed newborns for several years now and we’re so happy she decided to make Perth her home. Maegan is also a fancy-professional paddler and often spends her late afternoons on the ocean with her team. You’ll even find her there on some chilly winter mornings!  And while it’s cold on the water, Maegan is as warm and friendly as they come!


 At just 8 months-old, Evie is our Chief Health, Wellness and Happiness Officer.

Evie is in charge of providing warm cuddles, wet kisses, and keeps us active with daily walkies. When allowed in the office, she can be found snoozing on Lisa’s feet like a pair of ugg-boots and providing humorous background noises.

Her super-power is looking doe-eyed and making humans rub her tummy for hours. Evie loves her humans, eating, chewing on shoes and dislikes lemon peppermint foot cream. Immensely.


Full Disclosure.  

Although this special offer is amazing value, and there is no obligation to purchase additional images, we know from experience families LOVE their photos and can’t walk away with just the framed 8×10-inch print. 

But rest assured, there is NO hard-sell at Lilypad studio.

You’ll receive all information upfront before booking and there’s no commitment to buy until you see your photos.  

At your design appointment, you’re welcome to simply choose your included print and nothing else.  

However, if you choose to purchase, you can exchange your 8×10-inch framed print for $250 credit towards your order.

  • Matted art prints start at $195 for one 8×10″ print or $795 or a set of five.
  • Single image framed wall art starts at $495 and multiple image framed wall art starts at $795.
  • Wall collections with multiple individual pieces start at $1295 (four 12×12 canvas prints)
  • Matching digital files are complimentary with every image ordered in print.

As a guideline, most families invest $800 to $3500 on their portrait collection.

Payment plans are available.

Request your spot today!

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Because our crazy growing up offer won’t last long


Finalist 2018, 2019

Winner 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. Finalist 2018


  1. This offer may not be combined with any other package, promotion, prize, gift certificate, or special project.
  2. This offer is for studio sessions only.
  3. Your session must take place before July 31st, 2021.
  4. The $50 fee is due at the time of booking and will be credited to your order if you confirm your order at your view viewing and design consultation.
  5. This offer includes one framed 8×10″ print and a matching digital file of that print. The digital files will be 8×10″ in size and may not be suitable for very large prints. Your personalised app will include 6-8 images from your session of the studio’s choice. These are not downloadable digital files but perfect to share.
  6. You must allow us to share selected images from your session and use them to promote the studio, however, you are able to request certain images not be used. Should you choose not to allow us to share any images, you will not receive the personalised app.