Are you expecting a new baby soon?

Hey, Mum to be!  It might not feel like it now, but those 9 months will fly by and it won’t be long until the moment you meet your newborn baby for the first time.

Holding your baby for the first time. Discovering all those delicate details – tiny toes, button nose and rosy lips. Those glorious baby expressions that melt your heart.

It really is indescribable …. and oh so fleeting.

Come 6 to 8 weeks time, that newborn babiness fades as they enter a new phase of their story.

Let’s not miss a single newborn moment!

For many parents, the newborn phase passes in a haze with little time to appreciate and absorb the treasured details of their new babies first few weeks.

We will capture beautiful portraits of your newborn and family and create gorgeous finished artwork, so you will remember the magic of the newborn stage forever ❤️

OUR $95 Newborn experience

For a limited time we are offering for only $95:

  • A personalised pre-session planning call so we can plan the perfect photography session for your family.
  • A signature newborn portrait experience where the whole family is welcome.
  • A cinematic design and ordering appointment.
  • A $200 gift certificate to put towards your order.

Total Value of $455

Only $95

Your new family, beautifully captured in photographs you will LOVE forever.


You’ll love our gorgeous new Studio in Myaree.  We’ve created the perfect space for photographing the newest member of your family, with plenty of room for the whole family to come along.

The new space means we can tailor your maternity and newborn to suit YOU and your new baby.

From classically posed and perfectly styled sessions to a more relaxed lifestyle feel, we’ve got it covered.


the NEWBORN PORTRAIt experience at LilypaD

When we’re not taking your photo, sit back and relax with a coffee or tea while we work our magic with your new baby. There’s plenty of space for older siblings to relax, watch an episode of their favourite show or explore the studio toy box.

Seriously, just ask any of our clients. Yep, even the dads and older kids enjoy themselves. And we all know what a tough crowd they are, don’t we?


Let’s chat – We’ll get to know you and your family better and walk you through the portrait process so you can relax knowing what to expect every step of the way


The Newborn Portrait Shoot

Around 2- hours in length, you can mostly relax, have tea, coffee or a cool drink. While we cuddle and coo over your baby and capture all that newborn goodness for you to have and remember forever.


Immediately after your session or as soon as convenient, join us in our new movie room for the premiere screening of your new family photos. You’ll feel like rock stars!  And we’ll create beautiful custom artwork starring the most important people. You and your family.

Add a mini Maternity Session | $100

For just $100 add a mini maternity session to your newborn booking.

  • 30-minute studio session
  • Use of studio dresses and drapes
  • Family and older siblings welcome and encouraged.


what people are saying

I have just recently had a newborn photo session with Lilypad photography and from our first meeting with Lisa at the baby expo to receiving the beautiful photos the experience has been exceptional! Lisa is friendly, warm and very professional. I highly recommend Lilypad to anyone looking for a photographer.

Of course, I had to buy all the photos from the shoot as it was way too hard to pick just a few. Lisa is not at all pushy either when it comes to what photos you would like to purchase.

I will be going back to Lilypad in a few months for more photos with my older children too. Amy

“Just a quick note to thank you again for the photos – my husband and I went through them again last night and we were absolutely thrilled with the result. We also can’t believe how much she has changed in just a few weeks so we are also so glad to have these gorgeous momentos of when she was so small.  I look forward to working with you again!


“Viewing the slideshow that you sent via email. I watched it over and over while sitting on the couch crying. Couldn’t believe that gorgeous Lucas is mine! Or that he was ever that small. It is said over and over that they grow so fast but until its your own growing up too quickly it is difficult to understand how hard and joyous it is at the same time. It made me so grateful that we had the photos taken and that precious time has been captured.”


Meet The Lilypad Team

For years it was just me, Lisa, chief photographer, child wrangler, dog lover and baby cuddler.

But now we have Maegan!

She’s now a permanent photographer (aka baby whisperer) and is keen to ditch all her admin duties to fill her days cuddling and photographing newborns.

I mean, who wouldn’t prefer babies over bookwork?

So, we’re keen to get cracking.


A photographer to the very heart. A Mum of two kids growing faster than weeds in her garden, her sole focus is to capture what you love about your family and create art that becomes a part of your home and your legacy. Your family. Forever.

What does that mean for you? It means you can relax. Lisa will capture images of your family you’ll love but best of all, you’ll have so much fun doing it.

It really is all about you!


Originally from Fiji, she brings some chilled island flair to the studio. She’s photographed newborns for several years now and we’re so happy she decided to make Perth her home.

Maegan is also a fancy-professional paddler and often spends her late afternoons on the ocean with her team. You’ll even find her there on some chilly winter mornings!  And while it’s cold on the water, Maegan is as warm and friendly as they come!


 At almost 12 months-old, Evie is our Chief Health, Wellness and Happiness Officer.

Evie is in charge of providing warm cuddles, wet kisses, and keeps us active with daily walkies. When allowed in the office, she can be found snoozing on Lisa’s feet like a pair of ugg-boots and providing humorous background noises.

Her super-power is looking doe-eyed and making humans rub her tummy for hours. Evie loves her humans, eating, chewing on shoes and dislikes lemon peppermint foot cream. Immensely.


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Because they won’t be a newborn for long


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  1. This offer may not be combined with any other package, promotion, prize, gift certificate, or special project.
  2. This offer is for studio sessions only.
  3. The $95 fee is due at the time of booking and will be credited to your order if you confirm your order at your view viewing and design consultation.
  4. Your $200 gift certificate is redeemable at your initial ordering appointment only.