International Family Photographer of the Year!

A few weeks back, ok a fair few, I had some exciting news.  I was awarded the title of 2019 Rise International Family photographer of the Year!

You might have heard me squeal??  The Rise awards are awarded on the basis of each individual image, rather than per portfolio.  Entries come in from around the globe and every single image is judged and awarded.  The top 20 in each category are deemed finalists and are judged again live.  I was so excited to have three of my entries in the finals.

The finals judging was broadcast live over you tube, so I was glued to the screen like my 10 & 12 year old 😜.  My two images in family both received the only two Gold awards in the category and resulted in my winning First and Second Place!  The third image coming in as a solid silver in Children.

What more can I say.  First AND Second place.  I am so humbled and sooo excited!!

Here’s my winning images.  My trophy cabinets starting to look pretty good!