Last week was one of my favourite weeks, our State Professional Photography Awards!  I am so proud to announce that this year I was once again a finalist for the WA Professional Family Photographer of the Year 🎖.  

That means I’ve either won or been a finalist since 2014!!  

I’m especially proud of my achievement because this year, as well as entering my role on the Professional Photography Council meant I was involved in helping to run the entire event. Those of you who run events know the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, and whilst I was just one of a well-oiled team there was an immense amount of work before, during and after. This year, I was on the verge of not entering, worried I wouldn’t be able to put my best foot forward.  Lucky I quashed those thoughts 😜.

I say it every year, I simply could not do this with you YOU, my clients have to be the best people in Perth.  Thanks to you trusting me to capture your special moments and being with me when I come up with new ideas, this is way more than just a job ❤️.

That’s enough rambling from me, you want to see the photos yes?  

Last year I introduced Lilypad Underwater, this year its Lilypad in the Air.  No pressure for next year 😳!

Here are my winning images.


Cyclone Amelia – Silver Award.

Aerial Family Portrait – Silver Award

Sarah – Silver Award

Family Game, Aerial Portrait – Silver with Distinction Award