Are you constantly amazed and entertained by the imagination, ideas and dreams of your little ones?

Wouldn’t it be magical to capture your child’s dreams and imagination forever in an amazing art piece for your wall?

Look no further than our new whimsical sessions!  These sessions are all about your child, each session completely unique. Together we will plan and create an image that speaks volumes of who your child is today.

Perhaps we’ll include the family pet, it might be a unique session for each child or one incorporating them all.  There may be underpants worn on the outside.  It could involve a lot of cardboard, fabric or empty toilet rolls. Your jewellery box maybe plundered. And perhaps we’ll get wet. We might take the photo in your backyard, the park, the bath, their bedroom, the studio, beach or river . . . or we might even create new land.

What IS guaranteed is that the result will be an image unlike any family portrait seen before. The main focus will be creating a single gorgeous hero image.  Once we have captured your image, we will wave our magic Lilypad photoshop wand over the image for that extra special finish. A personal timeless piece of art.

Whilst the main aim of this session is our hero image, around 15 to 20 additional images will be captured through the session to support and enhance our hero shot.

Contact me for more information. Together, we’ll bring their imagination to life.

Scroll down to see some our recent whimsical shoots!

Mermaid 4Zach 5Superhero 3