Lilypad Photography recently became involved in the Immunisation Alliance W.A.’s “I Immunise” campaign, which aims to challenge the discourse surrounding immunisation within the Greater Fremantle area and beyond by depicting immunisation as part of an ethical lifestyle choice.

Fremantle and the surrounding suburbs have a lower immunisation rate than W.A.’s average, with our state as a whole falling behind the rest of Australia. Low rates within the Greater Fremantle area can be partly explained by alternative-minded parents fearing and rejecting vaccines. Communities with low rates of immunisation are dangerous for all children. Newborns and individuals with compromised immunity due to illness or chemotherapy become at risk of disease if they are not protected by ‘herd immunity’.

We are proud to be the photographer on this very important campaign, featuring a series of six posters depicting members of the Greater Fremantle community proclaiming their support for immunisation. The images will also be displayed on billboards and signs around Fremantle during late January and February.

For more information on the campaign please visit the ‘I Immunise’ website or Facebook page

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