Welcome to week eight of the Thursday Tip!  I’ll be posting a tip every Thursday for a whole year on how to take better photos of your children and family.

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Photography is all about light, literally, on a basic level film and digital cameras simply record light . . . so here’s tip 5 of 10 on how to pick and find the best light for your photographs

Get out and play on a cloudy day!

Another great time to get great photo’s of your family in flattering light with out harsh shadows, and without looking for a tree to put them under, is on those cloudy days. Ok so there hasn’t really been a cloudy day in Perth for a long time, but there might be again one day, those of you every where else have had lots of cloudy days to choose from.

The clouds diffuse sunlight so its much softer and more flattering. This is a great time to catch playing and action shots as well, the playground, the local oval and the beach are often far to harsh for most of the day with out bringing some heavy duty light modifiers. On a cloudy day you can shoot your kids to your hearts content capturing lots of magical candid moments.

Now obviously this was a cloudy day so I don’t have any sunny one’s taken at the same time to compare it too!  But look how soft and even the light is.