Welcome to week eight of the Thursday Tip!  I’ll be posting a tip every Thursday for a whole year on how to take better pictures of your children & family.  Tips will also be posted on facebook, so be sure to “like us” and not miss a single tip!  Tell all your friends with children too so you can all start capturing better memories of your family today.

Photography is all about light, literally, on a basic level film and digital cameras simply record light . . . so tip 5 for how to pick and find the best light for your photographs

Put the sun behind you!

Yes, I’m a bit over the heat of this never ending summer in Perth as well, but in this case I’m talking about putting the behind your subjects. Having their back to the sun back to the sun on a bright sunny day will make your photo better in two ways.   Your subject won’t be squinting as the sun will be in their eyes and there will be no harsh shadows.

Other great benefits can be, a lovely “glow” around your subjects, distracting backgrounds might not show up as they will be blown out or too bright, you might get some really lovely atmospheric sun flare to give your shots an arty look.  If you set your exposure on your camera, make sure it’s set for the face of your subject or you may get a dark image. If you can’t experiment with using your flash (tip #46) or moving in close your subject fills the frame.