Welcome to week four three of the Thursday Tip!  I’ll be posting a tip every Thursday for a whole year on how to take better pictures of your children & family. Tips will also be posted on facebook, so be sure to like us and not miss a single tip!  Tell all your friends with children too so you can all start capturing better memories of your family today.

Photography is all about light, literally, on a basic level film and digital cameras simply record light . . . so the next 10 tips are all about light and how to pick and find the best light for your photographs.

Tip #49: Find Shade

Shade is not just a great place to be outside during  this sweltering summer in Perth, it’s a great place for taking pictures outside.  Images taken in full sun have harsh shadows that are more often than not distracting and unflattering.  Move your subject into the shade for a more even light.  That’s it this week, simple as that!  So of you all go and find a nice big tree with a full canopy and don’t forget to come back next week for another great tip on finding great light.

Look how her gorgeous eyes are shadowed and hidden by the direct sunlight on the left.

On the right we can see all her features without the shadow distracting us, her eyes just pop!